About Us

Welcome to EmbassyExperiences.com.


Our goal is to offer young professionals the chance to experience the world - right in their hometown!  By visiting embassies, we step on foreign soil and come face to face with the diplomats and staff who can introduce their host country like no one else.  

Our events are not about politics and they are not centered around global issues. Instead, we focus on culture as a way to celebrate and participate directly in each country’s eternal character.

At each embassy, we offer you the chance to experience culture in a special manner that can only be matched by getting on a plane to each country.  Every embassy event is unique in its design.  Some are more conservative and elegant, while others are more relaxed and celebratory.  We’ll enjoy the food, refreshments, music, dance, film, art and other cultural aspects that each embassy has to offer.

From Black Tie European Galas to a Caribbean Beach Style Celebrations, Embassy Experiences brings other worlds to your worlds for experiences of a lifetime.

In addition, our group is not just about “Embassy Events”.  We are dedicated to bringing young professionals together to enrich their lives with international cultural events and experiences, whether or not they take place at embassies.  Each category is designed by a continent or region of the world.  As you explore each category, you will see a list of events designed to fit in that particular region.  For example, you may see Salsa dance lessons in the South American category, and a European Wine Tasting in the European Category.

Finally, while we want to bring as much culture right to your doorstep, we will also be offering international travel to bring you to the doorsteps of many other countries.   Our goal is to provide an array of international travel opportunities where you can travel the globe with old and new friends and experiences cultures first hand in some of the most popular and remote places in the world.

We look forward to seeing you soon and would love feedback on any event suggestions you may have.